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Dental crowns are artificial teeth that are used to cover a tooth that was broken or underwent some decay. The crown restores the look of your smile and the function of that tooth. A crown also protects the tooth, keeping bacteria from getting on it and causing decay. However, the crown does have a weak point, but you have ways of protecting that weak point so your tooth and crown can endure.

The crown is mostly focused on protecting the top, which it does very well, but there is a small opening along the bottom. Bacteria can still slip in and cause tooth decay, which can wear down the tooth and make crown fall off.

We do not want this to happen to you, which is why we encourage you to brush and floss in the area around the crown. Brushing is a sworn enemy of plaque, which is a collection of bacteria that can cause tooth decay, and it is your ally in keeping plaque away from the bottom of your crown. We also encourage you to use a fluoride toothpaste because fluoride can help your teeth with their remineralization process, which strengthens them against decay. Flossing can clean out plaque residing in the gaps between your crown and nearby teeth, where your brush cannot quite reach.

With proper brushing and flossing, a dental crown can last longer. If you are considering dental crowns or have a crown that needs to be replaced, we can help you here at Imagine Family Dentistry in St. George, Utah. Our dentist, Dr. Phillip C Hall, is happy to help you with anything you need. You can call us at 435-817-4801 to set up a visit with us at any time.