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Whether you are traveling for recreation or business, having a toothbrush with you is good idea. Of course, being away from home may slightly alter how you care for your toothbrush, especially if you use a travel toothbrush holder or cap. Here are some ideas that can help you care for the brush and its travel container.

The first tip involves the travel container. Having a container with ventilation can help the toothbrush stay dry. If the brush remains moist for too long, bacteria can turn it into their party house. They cannot do much when things are dry, so you can keep these party crashers under control with some ventilation.

For further security, we recommend you allow the brush to dry before you return it to the travel container. To keep the toothbrush protected, you can rest it on a tissue while it dries out. It may not hurt to rinse the container once in while, which you may do while you wait for the brush to dry.

We also recommend taking the toothbrush out of the container and storing them away from each other when you return home. If they stick together unattended for a while, those party crashers we mentioned earlier may move in.

Lastly, after about three months of use, you may want to consider replacing both your brush and the travel container. It is tough to get rid of all the bacteria despite thorough cleaning, and they can be more entrenched around the three month mark, which is why getting replacements may be a good idea.

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